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Curry Chickpeas, potatoes and brown rice

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This was a quick and easy vegan dinner that was delicious AND nutritious. The curry sauce was from Costco (See the “before” pic) to which I added potato (high pressure for 5 minutes in the pressure cooker) and a can of garbanzo beans. Topped on…

Chocolate Mug Cake

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How about cake for breakfast, or an afternoon snack….or quite frankly anytime haha! 1/2 cup rolled oats 1 small banana 1 organic egg or egg replacer 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (Silver Fern Brand Protein Shakes) 2 tsp cacao A little sweetener of choice…

Which has more protein?

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The answer….they’re both the same!The reason I bring this up is to point out that there are a lot of plant sources of protein. One is topped with a medium egg and the other with hemp and pumpkin seeds (the sprouted bread I used has…

Ikea for dinner?

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A little veggie twist on a old classic thanks to some vegetable meatballs from Ikea of all places!! Zucchini noodles (slightly steamed) topped with marinara sauce, “meatballs” and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Delicious!!

Raw sprouted breakfast

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I decided to start the day off with a raw breakfast. Sooo easy and so delicious!!     I’ll do a video this week about how easy sprouting is – it seriously takes about 30 seconds 🙂 #loadedwithfiber


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With the holidays approaching most of us are dreaming about sugar plum fairies and the feasts of the festivities…and not necessarily getting healthy or losing weight 😬But as soon as those holidays are over….well we all know about New Years Resolutions!!I’m excited to finally announce…

Rhubarb Crisp

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I wanted to make a version of the traditional rhubarb crisp that was dairy-free and sugar-free. I needed to find something to replace the creaminess of the butter and the sweetness of the brown sugar in the crumble. I opted to make it sugar-free using…

Healthy Rhubarb Muffins

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I just harvested my first “batch” of rhubarb and I couldn’t believe how nostalgic my first bite was – it took me straight back to my childhood!I thought I would try to create that same experience for my kids by giving them a stalk of…


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(the ingredients might surprise you) We don’t do a lot of dairy around here (it’s kind of sad when your 18-year-old asks for cow’s milk for his birthday breakfast!) – but that doesn’t mean we are short on calcium. “Beans and Greens” are great sources….

Black Bean Burgers

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Dinner tonight was these scrumptious Black Bean burgers with oven baked fries!   Combine all the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until fully mixed. The mixture may be a little on the “liquid” side. You can add more bread crumbs if you like…


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Feeling peace and joy and hope once more. I think sometimes the Lord allows us to wade through the confusion so that the light is even clearer when it finally comes. We have made a decision that we both feel peaceful and hopeful about and…

Green Powder

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Many diseases – including cancer- are often found to thrive in an acidic environment. It is important to keep our bodies in a more alkaline state and that is best achieved with diet (and managing the stress in our lives )Part of Dan’s daily regimen…


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I typically like to stay on the positive side of things but I the reality is that cancer sucks. And today was hard. It feels like there are two worlds out there – the chemo world and the alternative world. And for some reason they…


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My heart is so full of gratitude right now that it almost feels like it will burst. I just love human beings I am in awe of how kind, thoughtful, sweet, generous and loving people have been throughout our whole ordeal. We got home from…

Go Raw Cafe – Las Vegas

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I obviously haven’t posted about food in a little while  so here’s a shot of our lunch yesterday at Go Raw Cafe in Las Vegas. It was Dan’s first time at a raw food restaurant and right before we went in he said “Just so…


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We decided to put cancer on hold for a day! My spontaneous husband booked flights and we are heading to Vegas for a night. A little fun and sun is just what we need!! Here’s a text I received from a dear friend that articulates…

Happy Anniversary honey!

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19 years ago I made the best decision of my life and married this guy. He has given me the best life and I’ve never seen a better father. I was so self conscious of my body and after all these years he has never…


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It’s been quite a few days of studying up a storm and trying to find the best treatment options for Dan. This won’t be of interest to many of you but here are the alternative clinics that I have researched :   These are some…