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My Favorite Things



For the kitchen:

I love LOVE my pressure cookers!  I use them for steel cut oats, brown rice, quinoa, beans, baked potatoes, steamed beets, sweet potatoes etc.  I feel like the Cuisinart is a little more user friendly and heats up faster but it doesn’t come with a stainless steel insert. So I have both and I love them!

This is what I use to BOTTLE my beans (sooo easy)

An absolute MUST :

Cenavi 70% Dark Chocolate Barks Was: $9.99 Now: $7.99.

My favorite protein powders:

My favorite drink mix


Here is a link to GSG for Green Powder and Red Powder
or this green powder

Other things I recommend:

If you’re looking for a great kitchen scale , this is the one I have

When cooking beans, you may want to add some Kombu to help with the digestion.

Steaming veggies on the stove top is a cinch with a good steamer insert like this:

or this

Books I love: