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My story



Hi, I’m Charity



In 2009 I started wholefoodmommies.com with 2 of my girlfriends. In my 5 years of food blogging I was always excited to share so many things – recipes, books, articles, etc – but the one thing I was not too eager to share was a silly little picture.


There was only one reason – BODY IMAGE  🙁


Some of you know me and some of you are strangers, but there are very few people in my life that know much I have struggled in the past with my weight and my body image.  I have never been obese, and truthfully never more than 15 pounds overweight (after 3 babies).  And yet for almost 2 decades I would say that weight loss/body weight was one of my greatest challenges.  Even at a healthy weight, I often struggle with just being happy with my body.


My story I’m sure is no different than so many others out there.  There wasn’t necessarily a single event that began my insecurity with weight.  There were times in my life when it wasn’t that big of a deal and there were other times when it felt debilitating.  I remember when I was selected by PCRM.org to become a Food For Life Instructor here in Utah.  I came home from the training in D.C. and I cried.  Not tears of joy for finally being able to do something that I had dreamed of doing.  Tears of failure and self-doubt.  I remember convincing myself that I could never teach people about healthy eating since I wasn’t a size 4.  I remember feeling so ashamed that for all of my knowledge about health and nutrition I just wasn’t skinny “enough” to teach others.


Luckily I was able to battle through those feelings (though it was hard and it took a while) and I am so blessed that I have been able to teach thousands of people since then about the importance of eating a healthy diet.


Over the past  few years I have really tried to start LETTING GO of these weight issues.  Letting go of all the fears, letting go of the negativity, letting go of the desire to just be skinny.


There is such a fine line between healthy eating and weight loss.  There are plenty of weight loss programs that do NOT promote a healthy lifestyle (I should know since I tried almost all of them in my twenties). And sometimes I cross that line. Every now and then I falter in my thinking and revert back to wanting to be skinny (rather than healthy).


And then I get clarity of thought and I remember.


I remember that I am no longer defined by my scale.  I am defined by my character and that has nothing to do with what I look like.  I remember that I want to be healthy until I am 100.  I remember the example that I want to set for my 2 daughters and any other young women that I may have a role in influencing.  I remember that kind and compassionate and nurturing is beautiful.  I remember that being loved is so much more important than being skinny.  And oh how lucky I am to be loved….and to be in love.


And then I remember all of the other women (and men) out there who have the same struggles and I want to put my arms around them and tell them that I know how they feel.  And to tell them that they are beautiful.  And to convince them that feeling healthy and alive is one of the greatest gifts they can give themselves.  And to let them know that the greatest battle they must fight first is in their head.  And to tell them that they CAN do it.


SO I guess that’s a bit of my story.  But like I said, that isn’t who I am, and that’s not my whole story.


Here’s who I really am.


My Family - Taken last year

My Family – Taken last year



I was born and raised in Canada with an awesome family.  I moved to Utah when I was 18 to go to school at BYU – which is where I met my husband.  I was married at 20 and had 4 kids by 28.  Fast forward to today 🙂


I am 38.  I love people.  I love to cook.  I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom all of these years.  I can finally say that I love to workout – it just makes my days go better.  I no longer get on the scale everyday (which was a critical step in ‘letting go’). I love to read but don’t get to do it as much as I wish I could (mostly because I do it before bed and only get few a couple of pages before my eyes start drooping).  I like watching football but I can’t stand watching baseball.  My husband has never made me feel anything but beautiful.  I love having people over to my house. I like to stay busy (which is sometimes a downfall). Sadly, patience is not my strongest suit.  I have a very small cooking segment on the news each month.  I love LOVE to travel (thank goodness for skymiles).  I am very left brained but am working on expanding to the other side.  Teaching Cancer Project cooking classes is one of my favorite things – especially having my 2 daughters as my sous-chefs. I have wonderful friends.  Sugar is my narcotic of choice (don’t drink or smoke). I am an early riser and can barely hold a conversation past 9:30 pm.  I love God….I REALLY love God – he is a huge part of my life.  I am happiest when I remember how lucky I am in life.


And so I guess that’s me in a nutshell.  I just started this new site and I would love to know who you are.  Lately I’ve been posting a lot on Instagram (@avibrantlife) which feeds to my Facebook Page (A Vibrant Life).  Stop by sometime and say hi – it will put a HUGE smile on my face!



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